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Exclusive Medical Plan

Welcome to Star Family Health Care and Wellness Center’s Exclusive Medical Plan

At Star Family Health Care and Wellness Center, we believe in providing comprehensive and accessible healthcare for you and your loved ones. Our Exclusive Medical Plan is designed to offer you peace of mind and easy access to medical services right here in our clinic. Let us walk you through the key features and benefits of this plan so you can make an informed decision about your healthcare needs.

Exclusive Medical Plan Benefits

  • Unlimited Clinic Visits

    With our Exclusive Medical Plan, you can visit our clinic anytime during regular hours – no need to worry about long waits or appointment scheduling. Our dedicated team is here to serve you promptly.

  • Four Visits per Year

    You’ll receive four included visits per year as part of your plan. These visits cover a wide range of healthcare needs, from routine check-ups to addressing minor illnesses and injuries. If you need more visits, don’t worry – you can still be seen and treated at a reduced cost.

  • Seven Procedures

    In addition to your visits, you have access to seven procedures per year at no extra cost. These procedures encompass various medical services, including diagnostic tests, minor surgical procedures, and more. Some major procedures may count as double procedures due to their complexity.

  • Affordable Monthly Cost

    Our Exclusive Medical Plan is available at a flat rate of just $99 per month. This all-inclusive fee covers your visits, procedures, and the convenience of unlimited access to our clinic.

How the Plan Works

Your plan is activated after your second month of payment or registering and paying for two months. Every plan is for 12 months and expires in 12 months. No visits or procedures can be carried over. Your policy will automatically renew. A $10 copay per visit per person is required.

  • 1 person — $99per month/7 procedures
  • 2 people (couple) — $179 per month/12 procedures
  • 4 people (husband/wife/up to 2 kids) — $299 per month/16 procedures

Call us for any questions.

Things You Need to Know About Our Exclusive Medical Plan


You can visit our clinic anytime during our regular hours. There’s no need to schedule an appointment – just walk in, and our friendly staff will assist you promptly. You’ll receive up to four included visits per year.


Our plan includes seven procedures per year. These procedures encompass a wide range of medical services, from X-rays and blood tests to minor surgeries. Please note that some major procedures may count as double procedures due to their complexity.

Plan Limitations

If you happen to exceed your annual limits of four visits or seven procedures, don’t worry – you can still receive care at our clinic. For additional visits or procedures beyond your plan’s limits, you’ll still enjoy them at a reduced cost. We believe in ensuring that healthcare remains affordable and accessible for everyone.

Exclusive to Our Clinic

Our Exclusive Medical Plan can only be used at Star Family Health Care and Wellness Center. This means you’ll receive care from our dedicated and experienced medical professionals who are familiar with your health history and needs.

Labs and Outside Services

While we strive to provide comprehensive care within our clinic, please note that we are not responsible for all labs sent outside the clinic. If your healthcare requires tests or services not available on-site, we can guide you on how to access them efficiently.

At Star Family Health Care and Wellness Center, your health is our priority. We are committed to providing you with exceptional healthcare services that are both accessible and affordable. With our Exclusive Medical Plan, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your family have the support you need.

Enroll today and experience the Star Family Health Care and Wellness Center difference – where your health truly matters.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We’re here to assist you every step of the way on your journey to better health.