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About Us

Mission Statement

imageThe mission of Star Family Health Care & Wellness Center is to provide evidence based, culturally competency, patient-centered health care, and also to promote health and wellness.

Star Family Health Care & Wellness Center is a family practice that offers services to all age groups including newborn, children, adolescent, adult and the elderly. We provide fast, friends comprehensive and affordable health care services. We also provide evidence-based, Cultural Competent Health care to all communities. We also offer wellness. The components of wellness acknowledged by our services include a nutritious diet, physical fitness, safety, sleep, weight management control. Star Family Health Care & Wellness Center, focuses on accessible clinical care and/or education of patients, quality on site care and/or referring to trusted specialist treatment in the community, and advocacy to remove any barriers to appropriate care.

Choosing Star Family Health Care & Wellness Center places you in a wonderful vantage point where plenty of healthcare choices are available, affordable, and relevant to each aspect of your wellness experience. We provide you the best comprehensive medical care experience with MINOR EMERGENCIES, PRIMARY CARE, FAMILY CARE, PEDIATRICS AND TELEMEDICINE. You now have the option of having your office visit via your phone for none emergencies and medical advise.

Having your doctors visit from the comfort of your home or office is one of the medical comforts you enjoy at Star Family Healthcare and Wellness center.
We conduct a FREE bi-weekly medical class. This class is open to the public and teaches all about Wellness, Diabetes, hypertension, Pain control, proper nutrition, eating habits, and general health.

At Star Family Health Care & Wellness Center, your long term health and wellness is our #1 priority. Your health is your greatest wealth. We open early, and stay late to take care of all your health needs. You can also visit our Doctors from the comfort of your home for none emergencies and medical consultation.

We’re committed to better health and better care for you and your family, We: • Strive toward excellence in service while ensuring patient, employee and physician well being

  • Promote empathetic, personal and caring interactions
  • Foster organizational and personal attributes of honesty and integrity
  • Promote a stable, supportive environment conducive to meeting the needs of patients and staff
  • Draw upon our collective strength as a team in facing the challenges of your wellness